Good Trouble

Good Trouble

Recurring Guest. Freeform, Season 3.

Gotham Knights

“Jason Todd/Red Hood”. WB Montreal.

Insecure on HBO

“Victor”. Guest Starring. Season 4.

Cyberpunk 2077

“Grayson”. CD Projekt Red.
Fallout 76: Steel Dawn

Fallout 76: Steel Dawn

“Pierce”. Bethesda Softworks.


AANow features stories highlighting today’s Asian-Americans.

The Daily Shuffle Magazine

Digital Print Interview.

For All Mankind

“Harrison Liu”. Recurring. Apple TV+.


“Ops Officer Calvin Lee”. Guest Starring.

VW Phideon Campaign

Lead, opposite George Clooney.

Spider-Man PS4

“Mister Negative”. Lead.

Fresh Off the Boat

“Linus”. Guest Starring.

Farmers Insurance

Lead Opposite JK Simmons.

San Diego Comic Con 2018

Thank you Marvel Games Panel at Hall H!

Office Uprising

“Joe”, opposite Brenton Thwaites.

NCIS: Los Angeles

“Navy Commander James Miyazaki”. Guest Star.

Hawaii Five-0

“DEA Agent Paul Lazio”. Large Co-Star.

Destiny 2 Campaign

“Cayde-6”. Lead. Dir., Jordan Vogt-Roberts


Drama Reel

Starring in Spider-Man PS4, Guest Starring in How to Get Away With Murder, Hawaii Five-0, NCIS, NCIS: LA, Legends of Tomorrow.

Comedy Reel

Insecure, Office Uprising, Volkswagen, Paddleton.

Spider-Man PS4

Motion Capture Lead


Classically trained actor, voice artist, martial arts expert, motion capture performer, former professional stuntman and fight coordinator.

Height: 6’0; Advanced Scene Study, Expert Wushu/Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Judo